• The Complete Guide to Choosing a Couples Therapist: Everything to Know

    90% of relationships aren’t successful, but that doesn’t mean that couples stop running into problems. From disputes over how to split the funds in the relationship to when to have children, many couples find themselves in desperate need of a couples therapy experience.

    Are you struggling when it comes to choosing a couples therapist? You’ve come to the right place because below, we’ve created a brief guide that has some tips that will make weighing your options for therapists easier.

    Seek Out Therapists With a Specialization

    The number of therapists out there is numerous, as are the things that they specialize in. before you sign yourself and your partner up for a therapy session, take time to ensure the therapist is equipped to provide you the services you need.

    Is couples therapy a form of therapy they offer? Do they have past experience and success counseling couples?

    If they don’t have a track record of working with couples, they might not be a good fit for you. It doesn’t mean they aren’t a competent counselor; it simply means they aren’t as skilled in the techniques to help you and your partner reach a better place in your relationship.

    Ask for References and Reviews

    Nothing is more telling about a therapist than a deep dive into their work with past clients. If you have friends or family members that have worked with a couples counselor in the past, ask them for their recommendations.

    Create a list of questions to ask to provide you with better insight into how the counselor works. If you don’t know anyone that’s worked with the counselor in the past, you could search their website for references and reviews or ask them directly if they can provide you with some.

    A transparent therapist will always point you in the right direction. They will have no problems sharing evaluations of their work as a therapist with you if that’s what you need to begin working with them.

    Ask About Price

    Create a list of the therapist in your area and then move forward with comparing therapy costs. The cost of couples therapy isn’t cheap, but it shouldn’t cost more than your rent payment.

    After you consider the cost of the couples therapy, don’t forget to ask what’s included in the price. You’ll want to ensure you’re getting everything you’re paying for because, after all, your relationship is essential to you.

    You need to find a therapist that sees you and your partner’s relationship sessions as more than a check-in their pockets.

    Choosing a Couples Therapist 101

    Are you still working hard when it comes to choosing a couples therapist? Consider asking close family members and friends for a reference, and don’t forget to factor in the cost of seeking therapy.

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