• 3 Discussions to Have With Your Partner When Facing Intimacy Issues

    Intimacy issues are a surprisingly common phenomenon in a marriage. When it comes to sex, many couples don’t have enough, some have too much, while others have it but don’t enjoy it.

    Sex is a personal thing and every person has their own ideas and needs surrounding it. So when two people get into a relationship, it makes sense that it’s not always going to happen that these align perfectly. This is when intimacy issues can arise.

    If you’re facing these kinds of challenges in your relationship, and you’d like to learn how to discuss intimacy issues, then this guide can help. Read on to learn some of the helpful ways you can talk about sex with your partner now.

    1. Leading With Kindness and Respect

    Sex problems can be a thorny issue—to say the least. Although it shouldn’t be, sex is a topic that’s still often seen as taboo or something that’s embarrassing to speak about. This is why it’s important to create a space that’s safe where the two of you are free to express your thoughts and feelings freely.

    What you don’t want to do: play the blame game, try to shame your partner, or make light of their experience. Instead, be respectful, try to see things from their perspective, and a good rule of thumb for any conversation with your partner: practice kindness.

    2. Establishing the Root of the Issue

    If you don’t find out what’s causing your intimacy issues, you’ll never be able to really solve them. So while you don’t want to play the blame game by any means, you do need to do some digging to find out what exactly is going on in your relationship that’s causing your struggles with intimacy.

    Because this can be a sensitive subject, it can be helpful here to bring in an impartial third party, such as a therapist. If couples therapy is something your partner is open to, this can do wonders for intimacy in a relationship.

    3. Being Honest and Vulnerable

    Although it can be difficult, if you want to become more intimate with your partner, one of the first steps is being open and honest with them. You need to sit down and have a frank and honest discussion about your sex life and why it’s experiencing the issues it is.

    This will require a level of vulnerability from both of you that can be scary to offer up. But your relationship—and your sex life—is only going to work if you’re capable of having these kinds of difficult discussions.

    Overcoming Intimacy Issues and Building a Stronger Bond

    Not only is having these types of discussions the best way to overcome intimacy issues in your relationship, but it will also allow you to build a stronger foundation in your relationship for a long-lasting union. If you’re having intimacy issues—or any kind of relationship trouble—and you think you could benefit from therapy, I’d love to speak with you. Get in touch to book a session today.

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