• Intensive Couples Therapy

    Want to get to the nitty gritty quicker than traditional couples therapy? Achieve the kind of growth that might occur during weeks or months of traditional weekly couples therapy sessions.

    Intensive couples therapy is especially helpful for couples who are facing:

    • Separation/Divorce
    • Destructive Communication Patterns
    • Infidelity
    • Betrayal
    • Trust Issues
    • Difficulty with Intimacy/Connection
    • Urgent Matters that Need to Be Resolved Quickly
    • And More…I can fine tune your intensive based upon your needs.

    When to consider an intensive

    Accelerated Progress: Intensives provide a conducive environment for breakthroughs, leading to improved communication, understanding, and emotional connection.

    Uninterrupted time to work through Communication Barriers: This concentrated focus allows for in-depth exploration of issues, leading to quicker insights and resolutions. Get the communication tools faster and break through unhealthy communication patterns.

    What to Expect

    Processing Resentments: My specialty is getting to the root and heart of the issue by helping to explore and repair resentments that are in the way of further growth in the relationship.

    Accelerated Conflict Management Re-Build: Learn about you and your partners fight patterns. What if I could tell you talking to your partner about hot topics can get easier and faster.


    Virtual and In-person options are available

    Most intensives take place during a weekend, although there are times that we can accommodate requests for weekday intensives.


    90 Minute Sessions $400

    180 Minute Sessions $800

    1 day intensive $1500

    2 day intensive $3200


    Contact Information

    For more information, you can email me at [email protected] or call me at 949-385-2544 today for a free consultation.

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