• 5 Relationship Green Flags for Couples That Are Killin’ It

    Women have an average of 7 relationships before settling down and meeting “the one.” That number is 8 for men, and at least half last a year or less.

    Relationship red flags include controlling attitudes, codependency, and violence. They’re all signs that you should get away as soon as possible to move on to something more fulfilling.

    There are also positive signs that you may finally have a relationship that could last forever. Read on to learn the best relationship green flags that help you know that you’ve found a partner who’s worth the effort.

    Open Communication

    Partners can’t provide each other with what they need if they don’t express it. That’s why clear communication is important for building respect and trust in relationships.

    Any steps toward improving communication are good signs in relationships. They include green flags such as explaining why you’re upset during a disagreement and expressing gratitude for the support your partner provides.

    Being Yourselves

    Feeling unsafe or uncomfortable in a relationship is a major red flag. Partners in a strong relationship feel comfortable enough to be themselves and say what they mean without fear of punishment or anger. They validate each other’s feelings and accept their quirks and uniqueness.

    Compatible Interests, Goals, and Morals

    Agreeing on basics such as family, intimacy, finances, and work is one of those dating green flags that it’s best to establish early. What do they believe in, what are their goals and desires, and do they conflict with yours?

    Failing to speak about these simple things can lead to resentment later. 60% of married Americans say that agreeing on shared chores is a crucial part of staying together.

    Including Them In Every Part of Your Life

    One of the best ways to find relationship green flags is to pay attention to how you feel when you’re around your partner. Take notice if you feel like they make every experience better.

    It’s an even better sign if these feelings start to make you want to include them in other parts of your life. One of the most important ways is to invite them to meet your parents or friends. Millennials take this step after an average of 10 dates, and you might too if you’ve noticed plenty of other relationship green flags.

    Respecting Each Other’s Boundaries

    Establishing boundaries is necessary to build respect in relationships. Healthy partners accept when the other one says no. They’re willing to let each other have hobbies they do and friends they see on their own.

    How to Cultivate Relationship Green Flags

    There are several relationship green flags to look for if you’re wondering if you and your partner are thriving together. Check to see if you’re communicating openly, feeling free to be yourself, including them in your life, sharing compatible interests and goals, and respecting each other’s boundaries.

    All of these signs prove that you’re willing to put in the work to develop a healthy relationship. If you need a bit of help, contact Your Love Story Expert for relationship counseling today.

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