• 5 Tips for Healthy Communication

    One of the biggest keys to having a healthy relationship is healthy communication. The number one reason why couples break up is because of poor communication.

    However, arguing and fighting may be so ingrained in couples that they may not have the slightest clue on how to communicate healthily. If you find yourself in one of those relationships, here are five tips on how to communicate healthier.

    1. Empathy

    One of the best ways that you can improve communication in a relationship is to try and have empathy for your partner’s feelings. Empathy means that you sympathize with how your partner feels, and you try to imagine what it would be like if you were in their position.

    This can give you a much better understanding of your partner, and it could impact how you treat them in the future. With empathy, you are likely to be more careful of what you say and do to your partner in the future.

    2. Listening

    Listening can have a tremendous impact on communication because it gives you the chance to hear your partner out instead of just waiting to speak. After all, about 55 percent of your life is devoted to listening.

    If you really listen to your partner, you can learn more about them as a person and their feelings.

    The best way you can do this is by reserving judgment and letting them finish out their thoughts completely before you respond to them. Having someone feel heard will help you build trust.

    3. Owning Your Actions

    Let’s face it, one of the most annoying traits in someone can always be placing the blame on others and never owning up to any mistakes that they made. In some cases, this can even lead to gaslighting in a relationship.

    To have a healthy sense of communication, you need to own your decisions and own your actions. This does not mean that you have to be happy that you did these things, but you need to accept that you made these decisions and actions.

    Doing that should gain respect for you in the other person’s eyes.

    4. Do Not Lose Your Cool

    The quickest way for a couple to jump off of the wagon is by yelling and screaming at each other. With this piece of advice, the suggestion here is to try to be as reserved as possible during a discussion.

    Discussing things in a calm and respectful matter has a much better chance of getting to the root of the issue, while yelling and screaming will likely lead to an emotional outburst.

    5. Nonverbal Communication

    Something that can easily be missed if you are not looking for it is nonverbal communication. It is important to be aware of it because it can make you realize that your partner has an issue without saying other words.

    Recognizing nonverbal cues can strengthen your communication because when you can tell somebody is upset by a facial expression, you can correct your course of action before an argument ensues.

    Practice Healthy Communication

    These are just five ways to have healthy communication in a relationship. Following this advice, you should see some improvement in no time.

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