• Couples Counseling: 5 Amazing Benefits of Relationship Counseling

    In terms of relationship success, did you know it’s more about how you handle conflict than the amount of conflict you have? All couples have conflicts, but thriving couples know how to handle them, without making the arguments personal.

    But we aren’t taught conflict resolution in schools and research shows that we will mirror the kind of relationships we’ve seen mirrored to us unless we seek out ways to be better. One of the best ways to make sure you’re not reliving your parent’s relationship (or anyone else’s) is to get relationship counseling.

    Not only can it help you create strategies to handle conflict, but it can address underlying personal issues, reshape how you think about money, and make you better parents (and or partners) in the long run.

    1. It Helps You Separate the Problems From Your Partner

    When you’re in a relationship, it’s not you versus your partner when an issue comes up, it’s both of you versus the problem. But without conflict resolution skills, and sometimes the outside perspective of a couple’s counselor, it can be hard to see things that way.

    Your counselor can help you address current conflicts you’re having in your relationship right now and give you strategies you can apply to problems down the road.

    2. It Can Help You Express Feelings You Don’t Have Words For

    Along with the lack of conflict resolution training, many of us never learn how to share our emotions in a healthy way or know how to break down complex feelings ourselves. Working with a counselor can help find the root of emotional issues that are causing a rift in your relationship, or in one partner.

    Their training and expertise can help you pick out different aspects of your emotions that you were unable to name yourself and bring them to light, so you can then begin to work through them.

    3. It’s a Good Example for Your Kids, Current or Future

    We know not every couple decides to have children, but if you do, going to couples counseling can show them what a healthy adult relationship looks like. Not only that, but the conflict resolution skills you learn with your therapist will rub off on your kids, who can apply them to their future relationships.

    More directly, you can apply those conflict resolution skills to issues that come up with your children, whether they’re causing a rift in your relationship or not. When people know how to handle conflict, everyone wins.

    4. It Can Help You Address Financial Issues

    Money problems are one of the most common reasons couples break up. Whether you’ve discussed your long-term financial plans with your partner yet or not, going to counseling can help you understand where your other half’s head is when it comes to money.

    If money is already tearing the two of you apart, your counselor can help you work through the emotional damage that you’re experiencing and provide resources for the more technical side of things.

    5. It Sets You Up for Success

    The author of the book, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, can tell if a couple is going to divorce by watching them have an argument. They’re right often enough that their book is a best seller.

    Learning to argue well and without attacking each other sets you up for success and, in the long run, may help you prevent divorce.

    The Many Benefits of Relationship Counseling

    Modern culture has done couples a disservice by portraying relationship counseling as the last chance option to avoid a divorce. In reality, regular counseling can, and should, be part of any long-term partnership, whether you’re experiencing problems currently or not.

    To invest in your relationship and make it the best it can be, request an appointment here.

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