• How To Deal With a Jealous Partner

    Whether you’ve been together for fifty years or two, there will be times when you or your partner find each other becoming jealous over things the other does or says. How to deal with a jealous partner is a question that many people have.

    This is because they wish to make the relationship work and solve problems they might be having. Is your partner dealing with jealousy? Are you trying to figure out how to have a long-term relationship that thrives?

    Find different ways to deal with excessive jealousy before it throws the relationship into a place that it can’t come back from.

    Address Your Partner’s Feelings of Anxiety

    The worst thing you can do in a relationship is to ignore the feelings and insecurities that drive your partner to become jealous. It’s important to address what is causing these feelings, and from there, you can work together to determine what can be done moving forward to help ease these fears for your partner.

    When your partner is sharing their feelings, do your best to listen with an open mind and, at all costs, refrain from judging them. It takes a lot to share your feelings, and if your partner begins to judge you or belittle you for these feelings, it will make expressing yourself in the future hard and, in some cases, impossible.

    Set Boundaries

    In any healthy relationship, setting boundaries is a must and can help open clear communication lines. Part of setting boundaries is clarifying both partners’ likes and dislikes.

    Doing so can ensure that neither partner is doing things that cross the boundaries of the other, which could lead to mistrust in the relationship and an increase in jealous behavior.

    Your romantic partner should be able to live with you and understand that you are each other’s safe space.

    Be Present

    When you’re dealing with excessive jealousy, there will be several times when you’re having a conversation with your partner about these problems. During these conversations, remain present throughout instead of zoning out.

    If you’re not responsive, it sends the message that your partner’s feelings don’t matter and can adversely affect their overall character. The idea is to grow closer and stronger instead of driving an even larger wedge between yourself and your significant other.

    Show Patience and Seek Help

    Sometimes the only way to talk about jealousy problems in your relationship productively is to seek help from an expert. Seeking therapy from a licensed counselor will provide you with the environment to get to the bottom of your problems.

    They’ll detail that what you need to exhibit in therapy is patience. Your partner’s behavior isn’t going to change overnight, but when they make a mistake, you don’t need to beat them up about it.

    How to Deal With a Jealous Partner?

    There are several answers to how to deal with a jealous partner. We recommend you allow them to express why they’re feeling anxious and the insecurities that fuel their jealousy.

    In some cases, it’s also beneficial to seek couples therapy. Contact Your Love Story Expert and start writing a positive future into your relationship.

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