• Natalie Gonzalez-Chavez, LMFT#119783

    Life was once described to me as a dark room full of furniture, walking through it while occasionally stumbling upon various pieces of furniture that you were unaware were there. Sometimes, while walking with purpose towards your destination, you’ll unexpectedly hit your pinky toe on a sharp corner of a table and experience excruciating pain. Psychotherapy was then described to me as walking through that dark room with a candle light, slowly finding out what pieces of furniture are placed in your path and how to walk around them, while slowly placing candles along your way. I am optimistically hopeful that venturing together on this journey of self-discovery, you’ll find the experience of lighting candles along your way to be a fulfilling one that provides you with meaning and purpose. I work with all ages and have extensive experience working with adolescents and their families in the juvenile justice system as well as working with monolingual Spanish speaking individuals. I focus on several aspects of life including, but not limited to grieving, attachment, acculturation, parenting, trauma, and relationship conflict.