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    Nicole Cue, AMFT#134359

    I help my clients by empowering them to become in charge of their lives. My role is to illuminate the path to your ideal future as a couple or as an individual. I believe you are the expert of your life and you are the only one who can create your ideal change. We all go through times when life’s challenges seem to get the best of us. Problems in life are inevitable, and strong coping skills are tools we need in overcoming such difficult times. We will find your path and get you back on track. Whether you are single and tired of dating, married and still feel alone, divorced and despairing, disappointed with your sex life, or generally lost, You need to know there is always hope. As an RLT and Gottman trained therapist, I help clients process relational trauma and painful life experiences that continue to impact them and their relationships. Learn more about yourself or your partner. I will help you transition over to a more relational mindset with relational tools.