• 4 Relationship Red Flags to Look Out For

    When you first started dating your partner, you felt on top of the world. The honeymoon phase was intense, and you were wearing rose-colored glasses.

    Now that things have settled, however, something feels off. You’re experiencing new relationship problems that you overlooked before. But how do you know if they’re actually something to worry about?

    Let’s talk about a few relationship red flags that could become serious problems. Read on to learn more.

    1. Lack of Trust

    All good relationships require trust. Even if the L-word isn’t yet on the table, you and your partner(s) should have some level of trust between you by the time the relationship is in full swing.

    You can’t have a secure bond without it.

    Do you always feel anxious when your partner is doing anything with another person (or vice-versa)? Do you or your partner feel the urge to look through the other person’s phone?

    These are signs of an unhealthy relationship. How can you improve trust between you?

    2. Controlling Behavior

    Love and control can not co-exist in romantic relationships. This goes alongside trust, but controlling behavior can also signify emotional abuse.

    One partner doesn’t have the right to tell the other partner what to wear, where to go, or who to associate with. If one partner is trying to isolate the other, it’s a sign of abuse.

    Often, controlling behavior is the result of the controlling partner’s insecurity, but this isn’t an excuse. If you can’t have an open and honest conversation about this behavior (and expect it to change), it’s a huge red flag.

    3. Extreme Codependency

    Codependency is a hot topic right now. It means that the partners’ lives are enmeshed (in a bad way), and it’s a sign of poor boundaries.

    It’s normal to be a bit codependent. You want to be around your partner all the time and share your life with them. When that codependency becomes overwhelming, though, it can be harmful.

    One partner shouldn’t spiral when the other isn’t around. Partners should be able to identify their own feelings and separate them from the other person’s feelings. Partners should be able to make independent decisions.

    Keep an eye out for common signs of codependency.

    4. A Constant Feeling of Inadequacy

    For this one, you need to identify your own feelings. If you’re always feeling like you’re not good enough for your partner as a result of their behavior or words, it’s a huge red flag.

    Sometimes this can just be a sign that you need to work on your own self-esteem, but it can also be a result of a partner putting you down.

    Does your partner criticize everything that you do? Do they blame you for things that aren’t your fault? Huge red flag.

    You deserve a partner who will uplift you and make you feel confident.

    Have You Spotted These Relationship Red Flags?

    Relationship red flags aren’t necessarily a sign that it’s time to break up, but it is a sign that you need to have a talk with your partner and perhaps consider relationship counseling. Small red flags can grow if they’re left unchecked.

    That’s where Your Love Story Expert comes in to save the day. If you’re struggling with your relationship, I want to help. Learn more about my services and set up an appointment today.

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