• Relationship Advice: 3 Signs That Your Relationship Might Be Unhealthy

    Valentine’s Day spending hit an incredible $21.8 billion in 2021, showing how couples love to treat each other on this special day. However, even if you enjoyed a romantic evening on February 14th, you may still feel unsatisfied in your relationship and suspect you are not happy being with your partner.

    But, what are the signs that your relationship might be unhealthy? If you don’t know what to look for, you and your partner could fail to get vital relationship advice and keep drifting further apart.

    While it isn’t always easy to spot the warning signs, you should look out for three worrying indications that all is not well in your relationship.

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    1. Lack of Trust

    One of the most obvious signs you are in an unhealthy relationship is if there is a lack of trust. This could manifest itself by one person not trusting their partner to spend time with other people in case they have an affair. But, it could also be that one party doesn’t believe what their partner says, or doesn’t trust them to carry out household tasks that they said they would do.

    If trust is an issue, the best relationship advice is to seek help before it becomes even more damaging.

    2. Poor Communication

    To develop healthy relationships, it’s vital to fine-tune your communication skills. Your partner is not a mind reader and it’s important you can tell them how you feel and what they can do to help you feel happier in your relationship.

    However, communication is not only about talking, and you need to learn how to listen to find out what you can do for your partner. Having a two-way conversation where both parties are open and honest can clear the air and help you understand how your partner feels.

    For relationship tips on healthy communication, you can read this post.

    3. One Person Has Too Much Control

    It’s natural that your partner wants to help you in your daily life and offer advice. But, if this changes from providing caring suggestions to being controlling, this is a warning sign that your relationship is unhealthy.

    If you always have to do what your partner says, or they are constantly critical about how you do things, this can make you feel unimportant and that your opinions don’t matter.

    Rather than letting this problem fester, you can ask them to attend couples counseling to address their behavior and create a more mutually supportive relationship.

    Contact Your Love Story Expert for Professional Relationship Advice

    Getting the right relationship advice from a qualified expert can help you and your partner become closer and deal with any issues in a healthy way. At Your Love Story Expert, the aim is to help you develop the skills to maintain a loving relationship.

    By taking action early, you can resolve ongoing problems and enjoy a healthy relationship with your partner.

    If you think your relationship is currently unhealthy, contact Your Love Story Expert today.

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